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Chapter 2 - All
  section 2.4 (Demand Work)
  section 3.1 (Showerhead NPV)
  section 3.9 (Showerhead IRR)
Figure 3.3 (2-period graphic)
  section 3.14 (max NPV example)
Example 5.1 (rate increase)
Example 5.2 (supply increase)
  section 6.6 (Applewhite Reservoir)
  section 6.11 (SCRB example)
  section 7.11 (Gisser & Sanchez model)
Example 8.1 (connection costs)
Example 9.1 (linear program)
Example 9.2 (data)
Example 9.2 (regression)
Example 9A.1 (demonstration)
  section 11.3 (First Model)1

1This program requires the latest version of Mathematica (6.0+).

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